Jake & IsaacAre we still allowed to write a Fall update, even though most of you have already seen the snow? Neighbors in all directions have seen the white stuff but we’ve been spared so far. I say "spared" because I don’t really relish the thought of bundling up two bouncy boys in snowsuits, hats, mittens, boots, scarfs only to have them discover three minutes later that they are too cold to stay outside and play!

The warmer parts of our Autumn season were spent going to a nearby Pick-Your-Own/Petting Zoo farm where the kids loved to run around on the haybale maze and hand feed the goats. The boys greatly enjoyed Lake Canobie Park where they experienced the thrills of theme-park style rides in trucks, helicopters, boats and more. They tasted cotton candy for the first time and decided it was good. On another weekend, we went to an open house at the local firestation. The boys loved sitting in the big trucks and especially the balloons they were given. They had demonstrated earlier in the day how they rescue people in a car accident. All that was left when we got there was a spray of broken glass on the conrete and a three car pile-up with at least one car missing its roof. After we explained what they had done, Jake very observantly stated, "Now it’s a convertible." As soon as we came home, they turned our sofa into a firetruck and adorned themselves with the appropriate attire so as to become firefighters Frank and Phil.

Our everyday life has been somewhat less exciting than all our family adventures, but the boys still find things to do whether it’s drawing on the driveway with chalk, riding bikes around the circle, helping Daddy with chores outside or wrestling in the house. They keep themselves very busy and me very entertained!

Jake celebrated his fourth year of life today, making it a very nontraditional Thanksgiving for us. For all of you who have turkey left over, save some for us! The meal of choice tonight was spaghetti! We are so very thankful to our Lord for giving us this precious child and keeping him healthy, strong, and mostly normal. Happy Thanksgiving to all 🙂

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