Let it Snow!

Snow FunLet it snow.  Let it snow.  Let it snow!  In the past 24 hours we’ve been dumped with 12 inches of fresh powder and it’s still coming down.  The wonderful weathermen are forecasting for another foot tomorrow.  Woo hoo.

While Jake is loving the waste deep snow, the most amazing thing is that Isaac does too.  Usually he’s the one that spends a few minutes outside and then wants to be back inside either listening to Patch the Pirate or watching David & Goliath on the computer. He’s the electronics boy, while Jake is the outdoors boy. Not this time!  He was having the time of his life running, jumping on the sled at the top of the driveway, and trying to "snowboard" on his feet.  This just meant that the sled went flying out from under him as his parents made sure DSS didn’t show up.

Great fun. Smile!:-)

Update on 12/21/2008 17:00: Still snowing now for the third day straight … more than two feet of snow on the ground … woo hoo!

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