Racing Home

By , October 17, 2004 00:00

Sorry. Were you sick about reading of rain? I think I’ve heard that from two people now. I suppose since I’ve been back from the bike trip now for quite some time, it’s about time to update this site. Obviously, we made it back from the trip without serious difficulties, although there were a few spills here and there. The race for home on Friday was a bit of a stretch with a 14 hour ride from North Carolina – Tennessee – Virginia – West Virginia – Maryland – Pennsylvania – New Jersey – New York – Connecticut – Massachussets and finally New Hampshire. I’m not sure that I’ve taken my bike out since then. (It’s actually getting a bit chilly now.) The cold weather has several impacts: higher gas bills (do I take after my father?), less riding, less diving, and absolutely gorgeous New England landscape. I don’t mind the first two that badly, but the diving is slowly getting more difficult because of less daylight and the water is cooling quickly.

We’ve had company non-stop for the last little bit and it finally caught up with me this week with a fever or 101. it broke pretty quickly though with lots of sleep and I was feeling better by yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, Heidi and I got to go to an all-day labour/delivery class. It was more than a little interesting. Did you know that labour and delivery really doesn’t hurt? It’s like stretching your calf muscle. We learned this and other astonishing facts (ask Heidi) so the trivia was good. (OK. So that last fact seemed a little over the top, but you can ask Heidi that this was how the class started.) Six more weeks. Smile!

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